Fashion Live! 2014

Fashion LIve! janatiniSlovak fashion scene has 2 fashion weeks. For me Fashion Live! is the real one. Why? Because the front row seats are taken by people that actually work in fashion and not some non-related retired sponsors. It holds a world standard AND it’s accessible for public, so every fashion lover is able to attend and see the new collections of slovak designers. Last week I got invited to their press conference, where they released the show line up and dates – 15.-17. October. I really can’t wait! 

Slovenská módna scéna má dva “týždne módy”, ale pre mňa len Fashion Live! je ten skutočný. Prečo? Pretože  Continue reading

BREAD & BUTTER Berlin 2014



BREAD & BUTTER is an international fashion trade fair, that took place at the beginning of July in Berlin, parallel to the Berlin Fashion Week. The trade show presents a selected brand portfolio including leading original brands and new labels. 600 exhibitors, thousands of visitors from all over the world. Slovakia also had it’s own representative – NOVESTA. It was the first time I got to finally attend the show, as it is a great inspiration not only for buyers but also for people like me, that work in fashion. Click trough my photo report! ;)

BREAD & BUTTER je medzinárodná módna výstava, ktorá sa konala začiatkom Continue reading

I have my own show ~ BeIN!


For those who do not follow my facebook page or account, I have a big announcment to make: I have my own show!
It’s called BeIN! and it’s a makeover show, mostly focused on styling. Anyone, who has an event or a special occasion to go to and has no idea what to wear can send us an email and we will help them. We teach and explain what is IN and what’s OUT of fashion. A wedding? Festival? Anything.The idea of this project was born this year in January, when me and my friend Dominik got to talk about how to refresh the fashion section on a website he is involved with – We came up with the idea of a show and over the course of next 2-3 months we finalized it and the script was born. Shot and edited the first episode in May and it just came out last week. It took a while as we both have jobs but it’s finally here!! Check it out and tell me what you think ;)

Pre tých, ktorí ma nesledujú na facebooku, mám veľkú novinku: Mám svoju vlastnú módnu reláciu! Volá sa BeIN! a zameriava sa hlavne na styling a zmenu image. Ktokoľvek z vás nám môže napísať, s čím a na akú príležitosť potrebuje pomôcť a my ti s tým pomôžeme. Tak isto učíme a vysvetľujeme čo je IN a čo OUT. Idete na svadbu? Na festival? No problem.
Nápad sa zrodil už v januári tohto roku, keď sme s mojim kamošom Dominkom spolupracujúcim z rozmýšľali, ako rozšíriť sekciu módy na tejto lifestylovej stránke. Dopracovali sme sa k tomu spraviť reláciu, ale keďže obaja máme zamestnania, chvíľu trvalo, kým sme sa dopracovali k výsledku. 2-3 mesiace príprav a scenár bol na svete! V máji smenakrútili prvú epizódu, ktorá vyšla pred týzdňom. Pozrite si ju a dajte mi vediet, čo si myslíte ;)



BeIN! will come out monthly (for now). I will keep you posted about updates, backstage photos and new episodes. You can support us on out FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM if you like :) Thanks! xx

BeIN! vychádza raz za mesiac. Budem vás pravidelne informovať o novinkách, záberoch zo zákulisiach a samozrejme nových častiach. Medzitým môžete like-nuť našu FACEBOOK STRÁNKU a tak isto INSTAGRAM ! :) Dikiiii xxxx

hits from the streets


Those who read my blog know, that I love Tommy Ton – street style photographer that never misses s single fashion week. I always repost his work, his attention to detail is superb! Get inspired :)

Tí, ktorí čítajú môj blog vedia, že milujem prácu Tommyho Tona – street style fotografa, ktorý nevynechá jediný fashion week. Vždy dám jeho Continue reading

prague time 2


Although there is a substantial time between my last and this post, they actually do come from the same trip. Prague and her magic gets to you while walking trough the old town, so despite the big party we had the first night, we managed to wake up and enjoy the city’s beauty on the second day as well. The weather was perfect, not too hot, a bit of a breeze which played perfectly with my flowy dress. It’s great because it’s very feminine yet comfortable, able to be worn with flats for the day or heels and a light jacket at night. Short and intense trips are the best, you always get the best out of the city in the shortest time!

Aj ked je medzi týmto a mojim posledným postom značný odstup, fotky pochádzajú z jedného výletu. Praha a jej Continue reading

prague time


Having lived in cities all over the world Prague is still in my top 3. It has a unique vibe, atmosphere, it’s always packed with tourists getting amused by the Orloj clock and you, even though passing it for the 1458th time, stop with them and stare at it too as the skeleton rings the bell. No matter how many times you visit, it’s always different.
My good friend Jane from Hong Kong was passing Prague on her Europe trip, so we came to see her and show her around. I very much welcomed this break as I tend to work almost nonstop lately. She was amazed just as I am every time I come. You should come and feel the energy of this city, it leaves memories you will never forget! :)

Žila som v mnohých mestách po celom svete, ale Praha je stále v mojej top trojke. Má veľmi špeciálnu atmosféru, je vždy Continue reading

lunch on the orient express


OK, it’s not the real Orient Expres. Duh. It just sounds more fabulous when I say it :) It’s a train from Bratislava to Prague, where we went to see our good friend Jane visiting from Hong kong. I much prefer this form of transport to driving since you can work, DRINK and dine, enjoy the nature and there is no traffic.
Rules for dressing for a train ride are very similar to the ones for a plane: dress comfy, yet chic. They main key for me is a nice thick yet not heavy scarf, since they always crank up the aircon like the world is going to melt any second. It’s big enough to cover my whole body if I need to. Comfy trousers, even sweat pants are very in now wearable with anything, just be careful they don’t look sloppy. A light jacket is also a must on a train if it’s warm outside,  anything heavier would make my bag stuffed when I get out. Ready to roll!

OK, nie je to naozajstný Orient Express. Ale znie to oveľa lepšie keď to tak nazvem :) Je to normálny vlak z Bratislavy do Prahy, kam sme sa vybrali za Continue reading